Vision for My Blog

I thought I would take a moment to share my vision for Good Gesundheit. It may take a little while for my vision to fully come together so I hope you will be patient with me. I may not post every day (gasp), especially in the beginning. I want to make sure I post quality reading/medical information. Here is my long-term vision for posting:

Sunday--Spiritual health focus
Monday--Medical story (perhaps a guest post that one of you offers to share about a medical issue)
Tuesday--Your Medical Questions
Wednesday--Mental/Emotional health focus (because let's face it by Wednesday we may need this)
Thursday--A Look at Old-time Medical "Cures"/Remedies
Friday--Health series (a focus on a specific topic in a series format)
Saturday--Health-Related Quick Tip

This won't happen all at once, but, eventually I hope to have all of these up and running.