Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Journey to Mommyhood Part 2

Eric & I went to the appointment. I was sure that I was going to be given devastating news again. However, when they did the ultrasound there was the baby with a strong heart beat. The doctor thought I wasn’t quite as far along (by about 5 days) as we had thought and wanted me to follow up in 2 weeks for a repeat ultrasound to check the dates. On September 16 we went for the follow up ultrasound. A different doctor did this ultrasound and said we should just stick with the original due date since the discrepancy was only a few days. Everything looked fine. He did see a pocket of what he thought was blood that would explain the bleeding. He said it is not out of the ordinary for a woman to have bleeding in the first trimester and he thought that the pocket was part of implantation. He told us that this can happen and can either be reabsorbed or could cause bleeding like I had been experiencing.

Around the end of September or beginning of October I once again experienced painless bright red bleeding. It was on a Saturday and since I was still in the first trimester I waited until Monday and made an appointment with the OB office. Again I was told that it is “normal” for some women to have bleeding during the first trimester. I ended up calling back about a week later to see if the doctor would order an ultrasound. She did but I had to go to an outpatient radiology office to have it done. So…around 13 weeks we had our third ultrasound. The tech even asked us if we wanted to know what we were having. We had decided to find out so she told us it was a boy. Eric said he knew as soon as she asked that it was a boy because they couldn’t be so certain at 13 weeks if it were a girl. That ultrasound did not show any reason for the bleeding but the doctors weren’t too concerned. I, on the other hand, kept thinking that something is not quite right.

Did you opt to find out your baby's gender or to be surprised?

Have any of you had feelings that something was not quite right during your pregnancy? Were they accurate?

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