Friday, August 6, 2010

Journey to Mommyhood Part 3

On December 4 I had my 20 week ultrasound where they once again told us we were having a boy. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary but then around the December 10 or 11 I started feeling like it was hard to breathe. I was only about half way through the pregnancy so it was too early for it to be the uterus pushing on my lungs and diaphragm. I had an appointment scheduled with my OB for December 14 so I waited it out. Since I had been diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma as a young teen she said the pregnancy had activated this and gave me a prescription for an antibiotic (z-pack) and an inhaler (albuterol). I took the antibiotic and used the inhaler but in 2 weeks still was not any better. My OB office told me to go to my primary care provider (PCP). So…I made an appointment and saw the nurse practitioner there. I ended up seeing her twice. Taking another z-pack, then taking another antibiotic and using a steroid inhaler (Advair) with the approval of my OB doctors. None of these things seemed to make my breathing that much better. Some days it would be really good and I would think that it was improving and then it would get worse again. This would be an ongoing struggle until about 2-3 weeks after I delivered. On top of this I was having some contractions pretty much every day. They weren’t that painful (just kind of uncomfortable) and they weren’t regular so I just mentioned them to my OB starting around 24 weeks. Again, I wondered if something was wrong.

Have any of you had preterm labor?

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